Post Evaluations

I can say I am happy to be finished with the majority of my senior project. It has been a long tough road, but I am glad I worked so hard!!!!

I get so nervous when presenting, so I was very anxious about the presentations. I didn't say everything I wanted and I stumbled over my words. Gaining self confidence is something I will have to work at in the future. I was pleased to see how well everyone else did. I am so proud of the work of my peers.

Grade Critique
I am pleased with my grade, but even more pleased with the kind words one teacher had to say. (I have been at a pretty pivotal point this semester. Over the past few years I had grown to realize I don't have the passion or talent equivalent to those in my design studios. I try my hardest and put pretty much everything else in my life on a back burner, but my hard work never seems good enough.) The professor told me that I was talented, had good ideas, and that it shouldn't be wasted. That literally meant to world to me. I think I needed to hear that more than anything. I hadn't gotten such uplifting, positive feedback all semester, so to hear that really built me up. I will choose to remember those kind words and how good it made me feel, instead of all the discouraging, negative things and feelings.

Who knows what the future will hold. I am not jumping into anything right away. I might end up working as an interior designer someday, but right now I know I need to focus on myself and my happiness. All I know is...

I am going to Disney World!! really I am!!!

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  1. Those words are true! You have talent. :)