These are pictures provided from the Earthship website. (

          I have contacted the earhtship organization inquiring about an internship. Even if they don't offer an internship with the designers, they do allow people to come and help in the construction to learn how they are made. I love the idea behind these homes. They are made fully out of recycled content, which I feel displays true beauty. The photo of one of the floor plans shows the organic nature and design of the structure. I would love to be apart of something like this. I feel design is used in an nonconforming way that betters peoples lives, while maintaining substance.


First Post!

This weekend I got to go to Dallas to the market for the first time. It was an interesting, yet overwhelming, experience to say the least. One of the showrooms that really stuck out to me was Zuo ( They had modern, funky furniture that was more my taste then a lot of the highly ornamental southern style furnishings. I got to hear about some of the work at one of the art galleries from a man who worked there. He told us about a new process they use that screen prints photos of paintings on canvas, much like the ones they have at places like target, but very large and much more realistic looking. It really struck a cord with me for some reason. I guess because I paint and am an studio art minor, it was somewhat personal. I just feel that art is an outlet of original expression someone has and what makes it art is that it is not like anything else; it is one of a kind. When you take that and mass produce it, it loses its integrity. Furthermore, as an aspiring designer, who wants to use an overpriced fake when there is so much affordable, great work out there? Not me.  Maybe I am just being over dramatic. I guess everyone deserves to have art around them, even if it is fabricated. What do you think? On a more positive note, I also got to meet a well accomplished interior designer in Dallas. She does mostly high end residential, which isn't something I haven't really gotten to work with before. (Her website: She gave some great advice and kind of opened my eyes to the mass amount of wealth that is the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and all it can offer me. Well, I guess I could deal with wealthy clients who want their bathrooms and kitchens redone. The real question I want that for myself?

..and so my destination is yet set.