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Final Assignment

My final assignment has been to create spec sheets for 5 places in my building.

My floorplan:

Materials boards and key plans of each space I created specs for:


Post Evaluations

I can say I am happy to be finished with the majority of my senior project. It has been a long tough road, but I am glad I worked so hard!!!!

I get so nervous when presenting, so I was very anxious about the presentations. I didn't say everything I wanted and I stumbled over my words. Gaining self confidence is something I will have to work at in the future. I was pleased to see how well everyone else did. I am so proud of the work of my peers.

Grade Critique
I am pleased with my grade, but even more pleased with the kind words one teacher had to say. (I have been at a pretty pivotal point this semester. Over the past few years I had grown to realize I don't have the passion or talent equivalent to those in my design studios. I try my hardest and put pretty much everything else in my life on a back burner, but my hard work never seems good enough.) The professor told me that I was talented, had good ideas, and that it shouldn't be wasted. That literally meant to world to me. I think I needed to hear that more than anything. I hadn't gotten such uplifting, positive feedback all semester, so to hear that really built me up. I will choose to remember those kind words and how good it made me feel, instead of all the discouraging, negative things and feelings.

Who knows what the future will hold. I am not jumping into anything right away. I might end up working as an interior designer someday, but right now I know I need to focus on myself and my happiness. All I know is...

I am going to Disney World!! really I am!!!


Even More Perspectives:)

Office Space Before Photoshop

Office Space Common Area-In Progress

Break Room

Senior Center Kitchen Before Photoshop


Updated Concept Statement, Partis Plan, and Furniture Plan

Concept Statement

The objective for the Charleston Community Center is to unify the community by developing a space that is consistent with the ideals and image of the city, while also providing citizens with an progressive place to gather. The establishment will be characterized by the connection between the community members themselves, the spaces within the center, and the local environment.  Connection between community members will be defined by emphasizing group activities within spaces, which will create an overall sense of togetherness. The spaces will be in agreement with the use of fresh, invigorating colors that create visual stimulation and overall cohesion. The colors will also help organize the space and facilitate movement between areas by providing wayfinding cues establishing satisfaction and comfort. Unity of the external site and the interior will be expressed by embracing spaces which help facilitate learning and sustainable ideals and practices. All levels of connection will be achieved by creating a harmonious balance between the bright, youthful nature of the design warm tones and earthy textures. 

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Before Photoshop

Fitness Room

Before Photoshop

 Snack Bar/Circulation 

Before Photoshop

Office Space Kitchen in Progress


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A little tea time to relax and ponder..:)

My 10 spaces places!!

Original Concept Boards

My finishes, cut sheets, and photos for my Senior Center

Office Space/Break Room FF&E

 My paint color chart. Each space focuses on a color and adjacent rooms contain colors on either side of them. Each circulation space is concentrated with one main color to help guide users though the space. Accents of off whites, tans, and browns will help keep the colors from being overwhelming. 

Ideation for the Nature Center

Feeling better and ready for action!