Updated Concept Statement, Partis Plan, and Furniture Plan

Concept Statement

The objective for the Charleston Community Center is to unify the community by developing a space that is consistent with the ideals and image of the city, while also providing citizens with an progressive place to gather. The establishment will be characterized by the connection between the community members themselves, the spaces within the center, and the local environment.  Connection between community members will be defined by emphasizing group activities within spaces, which will create an overall sense of togetherness. The spaces will be in agreement with the use of fresh, invigorating colors that create visual stimulation and overall cohesion. The colors will also help organize the space and facilitate movement between areas by providing wayfinding cues establishing satisfaction and comfort. Unity of the external site and the interior will be expressed by embracing spaces which help facilitate learning and sustainable ideals and practices. All levels of connection will be achieved by creating a harmonious balance between the bright, youthful nature of the design warm tones and earthy textures. 

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  1. Erica B18.4.12

    You need to focus more on your overall design. The idea is straightforward and works with the function of the building, but needs some work.