S t r i p e s

Striped w
alls is by no means a new trend.  Striped wallpapers have been around for over a century.  However, updated stripe styles are making a resurgance in today’s modern interiors.  

Here are a few of my favorite examples of wall stripes:
stripe with metalic edging 300x225 Wall Stripes
Here is a wonderful taupe and white stripe with a silver metallic edging.  

total stripe 283x300 Wall Stripes
How wonderful and daring!  The vertical stripe is continued onto both 
the floor and ceiling, becoming a horizontal stripe.  
And to add a bit of the unusual, the two opposite walls are striped in the 
opposite direction to complete the look.

wide horizontal stripes 300x183 Wall Stripes
In this room the white becomes the focus of attention when used in this manner.  
The over-sized taupe stripe dominated the wall and adds drama in a subtle way.
stripe on ceiling 300x225 Wall Stripes
And speaking of drama, continuing the stripe motif from the wall onto the ceiling is the 
best way to create drama in a room.  Additionally, the stripe is contained to the center 
of the wall and is not distributed throughout as in other rooms.
multi colours 300x225 Wall Stripes
This traditional application of a stripe is a great use of color.  Navy, orange, 
grey and white combine to create a stunning look with stripes of equal widths.

horizontal blue 250x300 Wall Stripes
Perfect for a summer beach house, this stripe effect creates the look of a wood
 planked wall.  By combining stripes of slightly varying sizes the 
look is asymmetrical but classic.

bw stripes 220x300 Wall Stripes

Fringe: A thing of the past and trend of the present

I have always been a fan of the fringe, and now it is everywhere...even in interiors. 
"Fringe. Thread. It’s all a bunch of tiny strings of textile coming together to make an impact, whether on a body in a clothing ensemble or hanging from a ceiling, like in this amazing installation. Fringe may have not been the biggest at Coachella earlier this month, but it’s a classic bohemian detail that will never go out of style. Let’s hope we see more thread installations like this used in interiors, too." (

The London based firm Serie Architects designed The Monsoon Club at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C (photoed below). The club is a multi-purpose performance space at the center but that's not the exciting part. Look up and you'll see an amazing installation of three-dimensional carpet that has been suspended over the main space! It was constructed out of four colored threads (white and three shades of blue) and influenced by ‘dhurries,’ a type of flat woven rug in India. This magnificent piece took over two months, 20 individuals, five staff members and 15 students to complete. The result is one you have to see to believe.


It's not just sustainably-harvested wood. 
The newest eco-countertops are made of everything from bamboo and junk mail.

Recycled countertops have come a long way: The latest design options seamlessly incorporate recycled glass, concrete, bamboo, paper and more. In fact, these materials are so handsome, they're as much a design element as they are a green-lifestyle statement. The new eco-friendly options also offer a lot of flexibility with many manufacturers offering a handful of options to select from. Whether you reside in a downtown high-rise or suburban bungalow, there is probably more than one option to fit your home's decor. 

Green Kitchen Countertop Option #1: EnviroGLAS terrazzo countertops are right at home in a contemporary-style kitchen. Glass that's been recycled from consumers and industrial companies is converted into these stunning pieces of art. "Fire Engine Red" (left) would compliment a hip loft whereas a style like the blue and white "EnviroMODE" design might play off of a home's waterfront setting.
green kitchen countertops
Green Kitchen Countertop Option #2: Created out of recycled glass and concrete, IceStone Durable Surfaces are built in a Brooklyn, NY, factory. These eco coutners are VOC-free and come in 29 different colors, which range from a funky mustard yellow to a calming "cobalt ice," which merges pearl-white and cobalt-blue. More traditional gray and white shades – but with a little bit of color "pop" – are also available.
green kitchen countertops
Green Kitchen Countertop Option #3: For a more rustic look, turn to Smith & Fong Plyboo bamboo countertops. Not only is bamboo a 100-percent renewable material, it's also FSC-certified – and better still the company's Plyboo is the world's only formaldehyde-free FSC-certified bamboo. PlybooSquared, shown above, is available in amber, natural, Sahara or Havana shades. To install, use the same materials and fasteners for wood products by either gluing or mechanically fastening.
green kitchen countertops
Green Kitchen Countertop Option #4: Eco by Cosentino countertops are sold at Lowe's stores around the country. Containing 75-percent post-consumer or post-industrial raw materials -- all at the end of their life cycles -- these counters are bound together by corn oil. The company draws from a variety of suppliers to come up with the raw-material mix, so that it includes porcelain, mirror, glass, scraps of stone and corn. Within the 'Green' and 'Revive' collections are three distinct stylee; the PolarCap style (above), is a stark-white beauty with barely noticeable flecks of gray and black. Yet it's those flecks that introduce a unique, hand-crafted look.

green kitchen countertops

Green Kitchen Countertop Option #5: Lots of junk mail -- ahem, post-consumer recycled paper -- is set inside a petroleum-free resin base for PaperStone countertops, from a Washington company. Teh usage of 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper products in the 'Certified' line lead these counters to become the only architectural solid surfaces to be certified by the Smartwood program of the Rainforest Alliance to FSC standards.PaperStone's selection of six fun colors, from a rich plum to an industrial-chic gunmetal, is guaranteed to jazz up any kitchen.


The fascinating world of set design!

There are tons of movies and tv shows with sets who are put together by someone
...but who??

                                  Designers...along with the producers and directors. Set design isn't just decorating or staging, it is immersing oneself in the world of the characters who inhabit the space. I did a little research and found a few examples of great set design and the wide array that it entails. 

Sex and the City...the first word that come to my mind is fabulous. Carrie's eclectic little apartment unknowingly effected my personal preference. I loved how it looked lived in, yet completely uptown New York. In the second film they took her shabby chic apartment and gave it an upgrade. I can remember loving the interiors in the film (mostly because that was the only good part). They used set decorator Lydia Marks of Marks & Frantz, who "created a space that blends masculine elements, such as linear midcentury furnishings and dark woods, with feminine accessories, including whimsical rugs and cheerful botanical-themed fabrics." (

Big's and Carrie's living room

The most famous closet EVER!

Her old apartment's living and bedroom space


Love and Other Drugs 

Claw foot tubs are the best!

The loft's expansive windows let in lots of natural light, 
which can make even the most discombobulated spaces look lovely.

Open shelving, an ancient '50s fridge, and a green industrial pendant define the kitchen area.


The Love and Other Drugs set reminds me of the Humphrey loft on Gossip Girl!

Check out these links if your guilty 
pleasure is also Gossip Girl:)


Beautiful Easter table settings!

Set for me!
I decided to look up information on cities I would like to move to when I graduate, and possible job opportunities in those cities.

Athens, Georgia

  • great grad school at UGA Chris is interested in
  • has an art scene, music scene and intellectual environment
  • the city has music venues, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that cater to its creative climate
  • apt. rents look comparable to places here ($400-$600, $700+  for a house)
  • my favorite band ever , Of Montreal, is from athens!
  • has bike lanes and a good public transit system
  • enforces the title act
  • doesn't enforce the practice act
  • very little job opportunities
  • 12 hours from home

File:AthensGeorgiaStreetScene2008 05 s 05.jpg

Job opportunities:

TOSCANY - Design Interiors & Staging
(706) 850-5572
180 Sunset Drive
Athens, GA
2 Stars

Design Works Interiors
(706) 543-1320
940 W Broad St
Athens, GA
  • Modern residential and staging  
3 Stars
Lessard Design Associates
3021 Atlanta Hwy
Ste 105
Athens, GA 30606-3388

2 Stars

Athens Interiors market: sales jobs
Various vendors

Santa Cruz, CA
  • grad school Chris is looking at
  • doesn't enforce the practice act
  • beautiful beaches and redwood forests
  • enforces title act
  • state park nearby
  • 26 hrs away from home..most likely a plane ride
  • doesn't enforce practice act



                                 File:Downtown santa cruz, cropped.jpg

Job opportunities:

Living Design1105 Rodriguez Street
Santa Cruz, CA  95062

  • sustainable design!!
  • residential
5 Stars

 L. Kershner Design
911 Center Street Studio D, Santa Cruz
  •  Small firm
  • sustainable design!
  • comerc & residential
4 Stars

M Designs Architects
25 West Portola Avenue, Los Altos (650) 565-9036

Westergaard & Harrison Design
415 Linden Street, Santa Cruz (831) 426-7907

more to come...:)