I am  going to Paris for spring break with my grandparents. They have been a few times, so they know alot about it and where to go.

I would love some advice on where I should go or places to see.

Here are some photos of an apartment you can stay at.
I like how the space is utilized. It is small but still very highly designed.


  1. I think thats crazy we are both going there for spring break. I wish I was going with my grandparents though because your going to stay in a lot nicer place then my college student budget will allow. Have fun!!

  2. Haha..i didn't mean to post this yet, it isn't finished. Those are some apt.'s you can stay at..I thought that one was really cute. I didn't realize you were going to be in Paris. Maybe we can meet up!

  3. Have a blast! I'm jealous! So many must sees in Paris!