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We have been ask to start looking at what kind of firm we would like to work for in the future. I think a design firm that puts emphasis on sustainability and ecologically friendly materials/resources would be a great place to start. I feel that the perfect balance of doing something I have spend time growing to learn about and love, like design, is achieved by bettering the world on a deeper level. I have decided that is something I feel would be the most fulfilling for me. 

I am doing my homework on firms and cities that focus on sustainable design.
Here are a few...

Mannigan Edwards International
Offices in LA and Australia 

Quotes on their site:

"So often green designers put all the focus on the architecture and energy efficiency of a new or renovated building, and then forget about the paint, furniture, and accessories. All of these elements if chosen correctly can contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and create a sustainable space."

"We look comprehensively at every item we select and its impact on the environment over its full lifespan, beginning with how it is produced, whether it uses non-toxic or renewable materials, how the company treats its workers, where it is made, how far it travels, how long it will last, and what happens to it when it’s finished being used."  

Their mantra is "Sustainable interior design...looks chic, feels good."


  • They use eco friendly elements in all parts of the design, from the lighting to the trashcans.
  • Cradle to cradle is something they understand and apply to their design.
  • LEED point scales are most likely what they look to as a basis for their projects.
  • Because they are a member of the Australian Green Development Forum and have locations in two green conscious hubs they definitely get clients that want to utilize their sustainability knowledge.

Perkins + Will
All over US

Quotes on their site:

"At Perkins+Will, sustainable design is a result of a creative and collaborative process that involves all our disciplines. We're not only reducing environmental impact, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, reintegrating ecological systems and limiting exposure to harmful substances, but we're also helping to improve the environment through regenerative design."

"Every one of our offices that is renovated or constructed is designed to LEED Platinum standards and metered to monitor performance. As a carbon-neutral organization, we're offsetting our carbon emissions and investing in renewable energy technologies."

Mantra: Project-by-project and day-by-day, sustainability is a part of everything we do.

  • They research sustainability and offer clients "sustainable advisory services" 
  • A lot of the sustainability begins with the structure and how it is built, but interiors focus on it as well
  • They strive for the highest level of LEED standards
  • The are large and established

Slifer Designs
Edwards, Colorado 

Quotes from their site:

"The future challenge is for everyone to develop sustainable lifestyles. We recommend gathering a team of experts (interior designers, architects, developers, builders) from the beginning to create the best end result. Unlike years ago, green building and design are no longer necessarily more expensive, uncomfortable or unattractive. Beautiful fabrics, furniture and finishes blend seamlessly with comfortable interiors while at the same time providing a healthier living environment for your new gathering place."

  • The design staff focuses on all avenues of sustainability, even the fabric selections
  • They have 4 leed accredited people and work with builders and other people in the industry that have experience and a love for sustainability

Mantra: "Working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places to live and work."

Other firm sites:




3Fold Design Studio

Websites I like that focus on sustainability:

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