Fringe: A thing of the past and trend of the present

I have always been a fan of the fringe, and now it is everywhere...even in interiors. 
"Fringe. Thread. It’s all a bunch of tiny strings of textile coming together to make an impact, whether on a body in a clothing ensemble or hanging from a ceiling, like in this amazing installation. Fringe may have not been the biggest at Coachella earlier this month, but it’s a classic bohemian detail that will never go out of style. Let’s hope we see more thread installations like this used in interiors, too." (

The London based firm Serie Architects designed The Monsoon Club at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C (photoed below). The club is a multi-purpose performance space at the center but that's not the exciting part. Look up and you'll see an amazing installation of three-dimensional carpet that has been suspended over the main space! It was constructed out of four colored threads (white and three shades of blue) and influenced by ‘dhurries,’ a type of flat woven rug in India. This magnificent piece took over two months, 20 individuals, five staff members and 15 students to complete. The result is one you have to see to believe.

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