I decided to look up information on cities I would like to move to when I graduate, and possible job opportunities in those cities.

Athens, Georgia

  • great grad school at UGA Chris is interested in
  • has an art scene, music scene and intellectual environment
  • the city has music venues, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that cater to its creative climate
  • apt. rents look comparable to places here ($400-$600, $700+  for a house)
  • my favorite band ever , Of Montreal, is from athens!
  • has bike lanes and a good public transit system
  • enforces the title act
  • doesn't enforce the practice act
  • very little job opportunities
  • 12 hours from home

File:AthensGeorgiaStreetScene2008 05 s 05.jpg

Job opportunities:

TOSCANY - Design Interiors & Staging
(706) 850-5572
180 Sunset Drive
Athens, GA
2 Stars

Design Works Interiors
(706) 543-1320
940 W Broad St
Athens, GA
  • Modern residential and staging  
3 Stars
Lessard Design Associates
3021 Atlanta Hwy
Ste 105
Athens, GA 30606-3388

2 Stars

Athens Interiors market: sales jobs
Various vendors

Santa Cruz, CA
  • grad school Chris is looking at
  • doesn't enforce the practice act
  • beautiful beaches and redwood forests
  • enforces title act
  • state park nearby
  • 26 hrs away from home..most likely a plane ride
  • doesn't enforce practice act



                                 File:Downtown santa cruz, cropped.jpg

Job opportunities:

Living Design1105 Rodriguez Street
Santa Cruz, CA  95062

  • sustainable design!!
  • residential
5 Stars

 L. Kershner Design
911 Center Street Studio D, Santa Cruz
  •  Small firm
  • sustainable design!
  • comerc & residential
4 Stars

M Designs Architects
25 West Portola Avenue, Los Altos (650) 565-9036

Westergaard & Harrison Design
415 Linden Street, Santa Cruz (831) 426-7907

more to come...:)

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