Green with envy...

USGBC has released the top ten states (eleven if you count DC) 
for green buildings  and Arkansas made the cut!

1. District of Columbia: 25.15 sf
2. Nevada: 10.92 sf    
3. New Mexico: 6.35 sf   
4. New Hampshire: 4.49 sf
5. Oregon: 4.07 sf 
6. South Carolina: 3.19 sf 
7. Washington: 3.16 sf 
8. Illinois: 3.09 sf 
9. Arkansas: 2.9 sf 
10. Colorado: 2.85 sf 
11. Minnesota: 2.77 sf

One of the new buildings that earned a gold rating is the  Frito Lay manufacturing site in Jonesboro, Arkansas! I couldn't find any photos on google, so if you can then let me know:)

Here are some beautiful LEED gold building interiors and exteriors:
(source of all images: google)

BC Cancer Research Center: A LEED Gold Building In Vancouver

Vancouver has green building codes for rezoned buildings. They have to get at least LEED silver status!

MetalTech-USA Panels Clad LEED Gold Building in Florida

 Kyu Sung Woo's smart new graduate student housing complex for Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Looks like they have used the same lighting as the deck at North Star 

The interior is light and sleek, with very little color or finishes

Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation with LEED Gold Renovation

I like the level changes in this building. It divides an open space, 
but could cause ADA issues. We all know how much space ramps take up now..

I don't know if I see beauty in the plan or a strong concept. Any ideas??

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