Sustainability References

Great sustainability related blogs and what I thought:

  • "The Green Workplace" has a lot of info on green products. It is written by a women who writes from her perspective and gives honest options. She has a lot on insight into the world of sustainability because she does so much research for her blog. The search feature is helpful if you are looking for a specific product or topic. 

Here is a link to a post on sustainable office furniture I found helpful with the beginning development of a studio 6 project:

The main page link:

The author actually wrote book you can get on amazon for about $15.


    "Inhabitat" has diverse information that includes many facets of design. Fashion, art, interior, and exterior designs. I like that it has corky designs for around the world; many of which are made from recycled materials. 
    Here are some photos from the site I really liked:

        (Thorncrow Chapel in Eureka!!!)

        Link to the site:

      • "Metro Hippie" might have a sort of obnoxious name, but it is a great blog. They have their subjects arranged in a user friendly way. (food, fashion, voice, design, architecture, ect.)
        Link to the site:

      • The Green Building and Design magazine website has a lot of informative stories and product profiles.

      Link to the site:

      The site says you can subscribe for free if you are I have submitted my information to order it, so I will let you know what the verdict is.

      • I also like the "Energy of the City" magazine website because you can access all issues from the site.


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